3 Things to Know Before Selling to UPS

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3 Things to Know Before Selling to UPS

PipelineIQ (powered by LeadBridge) has prioritized the 3 things enterprise software sales reps should know before reaching out to UPS executives about their companies:

  1. UPS invests over $1 billion annually in technology to gain a competitive advantage in the global shipping industry. In addition to small regional carriers, UPS competes against large international carriers DHL and FedEx for domestic and international package deliveries and freight services. The company has also formed a strategic relationship with the U.S. Postal Service to save costs on overlapping routes to deliver low-priority packages. Despite $58 billion in revenues, UPS still finds itself trailing DHL in annual sales. How can your company help UPS catch their biggest competitor?
  2. UPS’s proprietary On Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation system (ORION) uses algorithms to calculate the optimal route for each driver. UPS is expecting to save up to $400 million per year once ORION is fully operational in 2017. Does your company offer analytics, optimization or security solutions to safeguard and drive further Return on Investment from ORION?
  3. Lower fuel costs have had a huge impact on the bottom line of freight and logistics providers like UPS, while at the same time putting more money into the pockets of consumers that can be spent on retail goods requiring UPS shipment. It is critical for UPS to stay on top of these trends. To do so, UPS will direct the majority of their technology investment to areas such as big data, cloud, and mobility (e.g. telematics). Why should your company be one of the vendors they partner with?

Account intelligence profiles from LeadBridge PipelineIQ will help you create a better connection and resonate effectively with key stakeholders across UPS IT and lines of business. Our proprietary account research helps technology firms accelerate sales cycles by aligning your solutions to your prospect’s top business priorities.

Want to learn more about United Parcel Service and other target accounts? Purchase account profiles today at PipelineIQ or reach out to one of our team members with any questions via email at sales@leadbridgepartners.com.

Happy selling!


About UPS: United Parcel Service (UPS) has over 425,000 employees and is a leading global provider of package and freight shipping services. From its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, UPS manages a fleet of more than 99,000 vehicles around the globe. UPS employees deliver an estimated 18 million packages a day across 220 countries and territories.

UPS Chief Information Officer bio: David Barnes is Chief Information & Global Business Services Officer for UPS. Barnes joined UPS in 1977 as a part-time package loader and has held several key positions over his almost four-decade tenure with the company. He is responsible for all aspects of the UPS technology strategy.

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