Three ways to turn account insights into ABM victory

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Three ways to turn account insights into ABM victory

Since 2006, LeadBridge has helped enterprise sales executives and field marketers at the largest technology firms in the world sell more effectively to their enterprise prospects. With our deep-dive account profiles and industry insights, they can better understand the business goals, technology strategies, and strategic initiatives of potential customers. This enables more relevant sales outreach and drives ABM programs.

But how, exactly?  Here are a few of the benefits of weaving account insights from LeadBridge into sales and marketing activities.


Territories are always changing, which can result in gaps in intelligence and understanding of large global prospects.  Account research is a time-consuming yet critical part of sales preparedness and enablement. Spending hours searching for tidbits of data is not the best use of your reps’ time. The solution?  We’ll do it for you. Our enterprise account profiles cover the essentials like business initiatives, financials, top priorities and key stakeholders, and we weave in prospecting suggestions to help your reps align your solution with a prospect’s strategies and goals.  This leaves your rep to more strategic activities, and our deliverable becomes a launching point for sales and marketing to strategize around their most challenging accounts.



Relying on intent data or past account knowledge to develop marketing messages can really miss the mark.  By understanding what matters most to your enterprise accounts right now – their goals and priorities today – you can tailor email campaigns, digital ads, event invitations, and direct mailers with specific details that will resonate with your prospect. This approach can also fuel sales activity into new vertical markets or new lines of business within existing accounts. Understanding industry-specific trends blended with the priorities of key stakeholder across HR, IT, Finance or Supply Chain can help move the needle when designing marketing content and preparing for greenfield account prospecting.



Field marketers, sales leadership, reps, and solution consultants are lucky to be together under one roof a few times a year. Carving out time to strategize on a set of strategic accounts in-person at sales kickoff or a training session can help drive better alignment between marketing and sales. A common understanding of your prospects and their business issues can make the conversation more strategic and lead to more actionable next steps. Even a monthly or quarterly skype meeting to touch base on ABM strategy to target challenging accounts can drive better alignment and shorten complex sales cycles.


If you’d like to learn more about our custom enterprise intelligence programs, we’d love to hear from you! We are an account intelligence research firm that helps enterprise sales and marketing teams sell more strategically to their key accounts. Explore our Resources & Insights Page for more account and industry content, or send us a note to learn more about how we can support your 2019 pipeline goals with our customized account profiling programs.


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